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One Plan Is All We Need To Get Your Child
To Their Dream University


3 Intensive 1.5 hour College Recruitment Sessions

Session One


Session 1:  Intensive Player Profile Buildout & Target School Research


  • Student-Athlete Onboarding Strategy Session with Parents

  • Create & Review Safety, Target, and Reach Schools.

  • Familiarize Everyone With Recruit Tracker Software

  • Brainstorm & Create A Captivating UVP & Personal Statement

  • Upload Headshot for Profile Picture, “Think LinkedIn.”

  • If Already Speaking with Universities / Athletic Programs 

    • Add them to favorites on Recruit Tracker

    • If Not Speaking with Universities / Athletic Programs

      • Add them to favorites on Recruit Tracker


  • Complete Player Profile on Recruit Tracker,

  • Create a personal statement using the "Unique Value Proposition" methodology.

  • Unique Value Proposition - Complete

  • Personal Statement - Complete 

Session Two


Session 2:  Creating Subject Lines, Emails & Mock Phone Calls 

  • Create Attention Grabbing Subject Lines 

    • UVP will be a reference​

      • Ie. 6'3 Center Back Runs A 4.4 Forty & Boasts A 4.4 GPA

  • Generate Emails Using RecruitFluency's 55 College Coach Email Templates

    • Review UVP & Other Into Emails #'s 1-5 for best fit​

    • Research Universities @ Target, Reach & Safety Schools Both Academically & Athletically​
      • Dig into Roster & Positions Available At Each School
        • Start Crafting Emails to Specific Schools Using Specific Language

        • Start Crafting First "Live" Email to "One coach" ​

  • Send Out First Round Of Emails To Coaches At Target - Reach & Safety Schools

  • Practice Mock Phone Calls To Follow Up Emails W/ Student Athlete 

  • Create Instagram / Youtube / Social Media Specific Accounts


  • Send All Emails to Over 30 Schools / Soccer Programs 

  • Create A Phone Call Schedule The Following Week 

  • Follow Up With Phone Calls to Each School 

  • Keep Track In Recruit Tracker - Log Calls - Emails - Texts 

  • Use ChatGPT to Ask You Relevant Questions / Coach Phone Call

  • ​Practice With Parents / Siblings / Friends

  • Create List Of Questions To Consider Asking Coaching Staff


Session 3:  All In Communication With Coaches Carefully & Consistently 


  • Sending out initial emails and materials to college coaches

    • Send out emails and materials to college coaches expressing interest in their program

      • Include recruiting resume, highlight video, and academic transcripts

  • Keep track of communication with coaches using Recruit Tracker

  • Research and add additional schools to list

  • Research financial aid and scholarship options

  • Initiate Phone Calls & Text / DM's w/ College Coaches

  • Research & Come Up With 5 Questions About Each Program For Coaching Staff

  • Use Recruit Tracker to Research College Coaches Contacts

    • (We make it easy - 1 click research)

  •  Introduce Yourself & Express Interest In The Program

  •  Begin Building Strong Relationship With the Coaching Staff


  • Research ID Camps ONLY At Target, Reach, & Safety Schools 

  • Start Generating Lists Of Tournaments You WIll Be Attending 

    • Add Dates To Player Profile in Recruit Tracker ​

  • Continue To Develop 5 Questions Per Schools For Conversations 

  • Rapport Building With All Coaches Not Just HC

Example Session Outlines & Checklists Are

Significantly More Detailed... Are You All In Or All Out?

The Gold Standard Guarantee


Session Three

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