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where the journey begins
key questions, decision factors, and targets

The goal of this module is to begin asking the student-athlete key questions, so parents, this is where your journey begins, and it starts now. If you stay the course, watch all the videos, do all the homework, and most importantly, engage your child, you will quickly transform yourself into what we call a recruitment professional.


Welcome to the beginning of your transformation process.


Moving forward, step out of your role as a parent and step into your role as a performance coach, supporting your client's goals of finding their dream school and playing at the next level. With that said, we need to understand what your client's dream university looks like.

your child's dream school
is not your dream school

Elliot having gone through this process with family thousands of times wants you to remember this, your child's dream school is not your dream school. Do not inadvertently drown out your child's voice. Let them be heard. We've seen many parents weigh their child's decisions because of their own fears. Try to be aware of those fears and reframe them to something like this; is it possible your son or daughter will become more independent and assertive by living on their own and playing at a school across the country?

Remember you're a performance coach, not a parent.

four key factors
peek in to module 1

Now that we know how to approach the process, let's take a look at module1. We have broken down module 1 into four key factors which will play a huge role in the student athlete's decision-making process.


These four factors are academics, social life, environments, and athletics.

Before we begin breaking down these four key factors, we need to remember that the student athlete's athletic career is 4 years and the purpose of college is to prepare the student-athlete for the rest of their lives. So it's very important the student-athletes are able to be honest with themselves when asking questions like "Without athletics will these schools still be a great fit"?


We ask this overarching question before moving forward because the disruption and anxiety of transferring schools and the impact on transferring credits and athletic qualifications are issues we want to stay clear of. 


At the end of this first module, you and the student-athlete will have a list of 15 to 20 target schools that they can begin reaching out to. So let's get organized and keep track of these target universities, and I'll meet you in the next chapter of our module 1, Academics, which is the first key factor we will review in this process.

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module 1
selecting a group of target schools

Asking the student-athlete the right questions is the most important part of this process. It provides you a general understanding of their wants and needs when it comes to selecting a university. In this module, we concentrate on the four fundamental decision factors: Academics, Social Life, Environment, and Athletics.

module 2
communicating with college coaches

Constant, effective communication is at the core of any campaign to win a scholarship or coveted slot on a team roster. Building Your Brand and employing modern, multi-faceted communication pipelines is essential in the modern world. The communication strategies we recommend should be consistently employed throughout the process.

module 3
coaches' evaluations of the student-athlete

Winning over the coach is essential if you are to earn a spot on their roster, win a scholarship, or gain help in achieving admission to that prized program. Utilize every means of introducing the coach to your varied skills, both athletic and academic. The more opportunities the coach and his staff have to know you as a student-athlete and person, the greater the chance you will stand out and achieve success in gaining admission to the school of your choice.

module 4
evaluating schools thoroughly

Official & Unofficial Visits.  Deciding on a school well suited to your skills and needs is not a one-sided affair! The student-athlete must spend at least as much time evaluating the school, knowing what to ask and when to ask it.  Visiting the school and the program they are interested in is crucial.  This is a process that should extend over the course of several months.  Being organized and methodical in one’s approach is essential, and RecruitFluency is here to help.

module 5
applying & financial aid

The Financial Aid process can be daunting and intimidating, but it doesn't have to feel like a maze. The recruitfluency master course teaches you the jargon used in navigating this complex system &  it helps you understanding how different types of financial aid  packages work.    



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