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Youth Athletes and Families need to have early access to the right information, including resources, education, tools, and software. It's imperative to student-athlete success in the most crucial years.

RecruitFluency's college athlete recruitment system is designed to help student-athletes, parents, and youth coaches get access to recruiting, communication, and productivity tools.  

simplifying from start to finish

organizing the recruiting process
with a college recruiting workflow system

Help student-athletes and families turn the chaos and confusion of the recruiting process into clarity. The recruitfluency college recruitment system is comprised of 3 key components; the master courserecruiting and communication tools, and 55 pre-written NCAA recruitment-specific communication templates (email & phone call scripts).


instrumental... I really endorse him.

he's going to help you do
the same for you and your family.

strategic partnerships

High Schools Athletics

You're a high school coach, athletic director, or college counselor who deeply cares about providing your student-athletes the support they need to reach the next level.

Youth Sports Clubs

Your club is invested in education and you want your student athlete's futures to be bright. You offer RecruitFluency to your high school-aged teams to show families they do not need to spend thousands of dollars on agencies and services.

White Label Partner

It can be hard to start or grow your college recruiting business under your own brand.  Worry no more!  RecruitFluency will provide the educational content, software & email templates.  Let's get this off the ground immediately!

Recruiting Advisory Firms

You're a recruiting expert who knows how to get athletes to the next level. You use RecruitFluency as part of your recruiting curriculum to help educate families and student-athletes on the process. This provides you with a more educated client who is much easier to work with.


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Monitor Athlete Activity

Easily view recruiting activities across all athletes in your organization.  With Recruit Tracker every athlete can be easily monitored. Club directors will know who is communicating to colleges and which athletes are available to contact.

Manage all your athletes

RecruitTracker makes it easy to manage all your athlete accounts. You can easily create a new account, impersonate any athlete, send login instructions, or perform bulk actions - all from the athletes tab.


Create custom recruiting checklists

Set up multi-step recruiting checklists in minutes to keep your athletes organized and on track.

Print Team Brochures

Print out a PDF of your rosters so you can hand it out to college coaches at showcases. QR codes intelligently link to individual player profiles so coaches can gain more insight on your athletes from their phone.

Customize the platform with your branding

RecruitTracker makes it simple to customize the platform to match your branding. Easily set the brand color, name, and logo from the settings page when custom branding is enabled.

Promote your athletes to college coaches

Share your online team profiles with any college coach. College Coaches can easily contact your players, or view more details on their individual profiles.

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