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7-5-2 College ID Showcase Strategy

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How Can We Help Make Your College Recruitment Process Smoother, Less Stressful & Overwhelming?

Hello everyone, Elliot here founder of RF. If you need some more specific questions answered please feel free to reach out. Click the button below to set up a time on my calendar.

The entire process only becomes overwhelming when you start late and you do not follow the framework. If you are able to do this and stay consistent with your communication you and your family will be set up for success.

A few key points:

  • Start as early as 9th grade - this allows you time to build relationships with coaches at the student athletes target - reach and safety schools.

  • Ask direct questions when you have the coaches attention.

  1. ie. Am I a good fit for your program?

  2. ie. What division should I be targeting?

  • Listen to feedback and if coaches are providing you similar feedback, THEY ARE NOT WRONG.

  • Drop the ego.

Need support and mentorship? We can and want to help. reach out to

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