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Overwhelmed & Frustrated?

Get 55 Done For You Emails and Phone Scripts

Get 55 written-for-you email outreach and phone scripts.

Written by a former 5-Year Head of Recruitment at Florida Atlantic University, 2-Year Captain of Top Division 1 Men's Soccer Program Regional All American center back.

55 Done For You
College Recruitment Templates

These 55 done-for-you emails templates and phone scripts are one of the best ways to begin creating relationships with college coaches.

Properly building relationships with head coaches at your target schools and sports programs can make or break your college athletic career. Have no fear. These email templates are easy to follow, understand, and designed to deliver the most important information to coaches.

Elliot Mark

designed by athletes
for athletes

Hi 👋, my name is Elliot and I have helped hundreds of families navigate the college recruitment process over the past 20 years.  As a former Division I athlete and conference championship assistant coach, I have had the opportunity to see many sides of this industry and they are not all pretty!  From the corporate entities that monetize parents' fears to the college coaches that just leave players in recruitment purgatory, there needed to be a different approach, a better approach.

That is exactly why we created recruitfluency, a do-it-yourself master course for navigating the college athlete recruitment landscape, and finding the perfect college match.

Overwhelmed With Fear



What if I mess it up?

How do I stand out?

What do I say?

How will this affect my child's future?

How do I prepare myself for this?

It's super important that you are prepared.

It's super important that you are prepared.

It's super important that you are prepared.

I created 55 done-for-you email templates and a bunch of phone call scripts. You will know exactly what you should be emailing college coaches, and what you're going to say to them.

You're going to be prepared.

50 Email Templates
+5 Head Coach Freebes

These 55 done for you HEAD COACH RECRUITMENT EMAILS are one of the best ways to begin creating relationships with college coaches.

  • Confirming Official Visit To The Campus

  • Provide Coaches With A Clear Vision Of Who You Are As Well As Your Intention

  • Find Out Where You Rank In Their Recruiting Process

  • Let Coaches Know About Your Highlight Tape

  • Talking Finances And Scholarships

  • and many more!

Confirm Official Visit.png

6 Phone Call Scripts

  • Script for Initial Coach Outreach

  • Alternative Initial Coach Outreach

  • Follow-Up Script For Recruit Who Has Spoken To Or Had Prior Correspondence With A Coach/Program

  • Script For A Highly Specific Purpose

  • Head Coach Picks Up Intro Script

  • Head Coach Picks Up Intro Script But Can't Speak

Follow Up.png

Get your free templates and get prepared.

Start the conversation!

Start the conversation with your future coach!

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